Substitute fulfilment

Do you need to fulfil the duty of occupying the people with the ZP status? 

We can help you - we offer substitute fulfilment from the year 1999.

  • Workshop products
    • various sorts of pottery
    • pottery with the logo of your company
    • ceramic imprints
    • candels in the pottery ang glass
    • candels with prints
  • Services of the Exodus house
    • accommodation
    • food
    • lecture hall inluding the rear
    • computer classroom
    • arranging doings on request
  • Services of the commercial section
    • we offer them according to customer's wishes
    • for example:
    • financial services of random banks
    • advertisement wares with print
    • complete equipment of the offices
    • office consumer wares
    • telecomunication engineering
    • computer engineering including software
    • working protective wares and facilities
    • providing of trainings , seminars etc.
  • Providing of other wares and services of the EU market.

In that sphere we are able to satisfy every interested person thanks to the wide choice of offered services.

What is substitute fulfilment ?

Every employer, who employs 25 and more emploees has, based on the law No.435/2004 Sb. duty to employ 4 % of emploees with changed working ability (ZP). If he doesn't do so, he has got an opportunity to pick products or services from a company, which employs minimum 50 % of people with changed working ability (e.g. Exodus) - so called substitional performance. 

Further possibility, which is rather a sanction is a tax payment into a exchequer. 

Employers - have you got more than 25 emploees ?

with a number of emploees you've got to employ people with ZP or pay yearly payment tax - CZK or pick yearly from Exodus for
25 1,00 45.000 126.000
50 2,00 90.000 252.000
100 4,00 180.000 504.000
200 8,00 360.000 1.008.000
300 12,00 540.000 1.512.000
400 16,00 720.000 2.016.000
500 20,00 900.000 2.520.000

Isn't better instead of paying taxes to public to order wares or services from us which you would buy anyhow ?