We are able to offer many services to companies which are thinking of sponsoring us :

  • stating the name of the sponsor, and the amount of money donated in the annual reports, on these web sites, information brochures and in the entrance hall of the Exodus building.
  • installation of a golden label in the entrance hall of the Exodus building.
  • organising a press conference
  • the use of various premises of the building for meetings, training seminars or rehabilitation of the sponsoring company´s employees
  • interview for the media
  • headline stationery

We are ready to negotiate all the services for our sponsors, according to their needs.
We thank to all our sponsors, donators, contributors and supporters. These are not only the ones that are on the list. These are also individual people, organisations and companies that have offered us different products and services for free, voluntary services or any other services.
Great thanks to you all