We provide rehabilitation courses of different length - the most frequent ones are for one or two weeks. The courses consist of physical rehabilitation and special drink and food diet as well as a special part, according to the specific needs of clients (recondition, psycho-rehabilitation, self-service, space orientation, writing in Braill or writing on Picht´s typing machine, learning the sign language etc.)
The rehabilitation permises of our house consist of

Water therapy - vortex bath of the whole body, or only hands or legs

Massages - classical and underwater of different extent

Electrotherapy - diagnosis of skeletal muscles and all other types of therapy - ionoforensic, diadynamic, interferential, electrostimulating, ultrasound, combined.

Gym - with a stable bike, wall bars, balls etc.

Every person with special needs should take such a course once a year. These coursed are often organized in premises, which are not suitable and tailored to these people´s needs. In the future, we would like to offer also the courses which are very rare or do not exist at all (e.g. for oncology patients)

The courses could also be enriched by learning other skills - e.g. PC, e-mail, work in our workshops for candles, pottery, weaving etc.

The courses are usually paid mostly from the governmental grants which are given to the organizations of people with special needs. The clients pay only a small part of it, sometimes other sources are involved - the city council or sponsors.

The courses are aimed at different people with special needs from all over the Czechlands. The capacity is 40 people.